Monuments of nature - those are single specimens of life or abiotic nature, or their complexes, and especially, extremely old and sizeable trees and brushes of both local and foreign species, springs, waterfalls, ravines, erratic boulders or caves. The National Park of Wielkopolska includes 32 trees registered as monuments of nature. Most of them are pedunculate oaks. An interesting specimen grows on the southwestern bank of Lake Góreckie. It consists of two magnificent and proud pedunculate oaks joined with their trunks. The only sessile oak (Quercus petrea) considered a monument of nature grows along
a walking path on the northeastern bank of Lake Góreckie. Two field maple trees around Lake Kociołek and a single largeleaf linden close to a parking lot in Osowa Góra are other monuments of nature in the Park, apart from oaks.
It is very rare to see monumental specimens of common pine. The only pine of such status survives near the River Wirynka estuary into the Warta River.
It has a tremendous trunk with a breast height diameter of 115 cm with four branches. The estimated age of this pine tree is 200 years.

The only abiotic monument of nature in the National Park of Wielkopolska is the enormous erratic boulder found in a clay house near Osowa Góra in 1996.
It weighs over twenty tons, and its circumference is 10.5 meters. It was placed along the Komorniki - Jeziory motorway and it is a monument commemorating Polish foresters, known as the Ľ